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Keep your Family and home safe from destructive and disease carrying pests!

Premier Pest Control is a full-service bug, pest, and insect exterminating service.  We utilize our extensive industry knowledge to provide an array of comprehensive services, which include:

  • Insect control including, but not limited to: ants, bees, spiders, fleas, ticks, termites, earwigs, carpenter ants, carpenter bees and wasps.
  • Animal control and exclusions.
  • Treatment and Education for bed bugs.

We also offer a variety of unique programs, designed to save you time and money. We work hard to help you keep your residential property completely free of pests. We also offer monthly and quarterly programs for commercial and business customers. Contact Premier Pest Control, the area’s premier pest control company, to restore your home or business back into your home or sanctuary, and reclaim your peace of mind.

A Trusted Resource

At Premier Pest Control, we take a one-on-one approach to each and every client. We understand how pest issues can impact your life, and you’re never simply a name on a waiting list. You receive prompt service, detailed attention and a distinctive approach. Our ultimate goal, utilizing our many years of industry experience, is to help you maintain the integrity of your home in every way.

Signs you have a pest problem in your home

It's never a nice discovery, but it's something that you need to deal with, or get some professional pest control management to deal with - and that needs to happen sooner rather than later. So what are the signs that you have a pest problem at home?

  • Termites
    Termites are particularly voracious insects that resemble ants, but do a lot more damage. They're pale, have soft bodies, and some are able to fly. They feed on wood, especially near damp ground, and around heaters or fireplaces, so invariably the first place you'll find evidence of a termite infestation is in the foundations of your house, and your floors or windowsills. Affected wood will appear blistered, and there will be sawdust-like deposits next to beams or studs. If you break infected wood open as part of your termite inspection, you'll find small tunnels running through it, and this is a sure sign that it's time for some termite treatment.
  • Rodents
    Rats and mice are seasonal pests, and like to infest your home during autumn and winter, when it's not so nice outside. They nest in your roof, walls and cupboards, and find their way into your food supplies. As they rummage and scratch in your walls, they can damage your skirting boards, plaster and electrical wiring. They also carry diseases, fleas and worms. They're active at night, and breed six to ten times a year. House mice are usually dark grey and quite small, field mice sandy colored and a little larger, and rats are much bigger and usually black in color. Once they've settled in your home, they'll stay put, until you get the pest control experts in.
  • Fleas and bed bugs
    Fleas are small parasitic insects that feed on the blood of mammals. That means mice, rats, and your pets. Fleas thrive in summer; the high humidity helps larvae develop. Adult fleas can jump from host to host and start feeding immediately, and their bites can be irritating and often transmit disease. It's always a good idea to keep your pets flea-free year round, but especially in summer. Bed bugs also feed on mammals' blood, and their bites can be irritating, but don't necessarily carry disease. They're usually brought into your house by someone who has traveled recently, and are associated with hotels and hostels. They hide in cracks and crevices close to beds, and emerge at night when you are sleeping.
  • Cockroaches, silverfish and ants
    Cockroach infestations are hard to spot, and are usually found in walls, behind heavy furniture, and in cracks behind sinks, water heaters or door frames. They are nocturnal, and can contaminate food sources and utensils. Silverfish feed on materials such as linen, rayon, clothing, paper and book bindings and leave small holes in these items. Silverfish live in closets, drawers and bookcases. Ants are highly organized insects that build nests, and scavenge for food. They can infiltrate your home, and thrive in moist areas, such as garbage bins and can find their way into kitchen easily.

Premiere Pest Control Proudly Serves and exterminates pests in Greene County, Montgomery County, Clark County, Xenia Springfield, Dayton, and all surrounding areas.  Bugs, Insects, Rodents, Rats, Roaches, Bed Bugs, and all other sorts of critters are no problem for Premier Pest Control!